Really Experiment

by First Place Science Project

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Music : Matt Thomas
Lyrics / Vocals : Cory Lockwood

Artwork by Nicholas Ross:

Thank you : p.WRECKS, Kurt Travis, and Sunshine Yates for letting us crash your pad to complete this project.


released January 12, 2012



all rights reserved


First Place Science Project Sacramento, California

Music by: Matt Thomas
Vocals / Lyrics by : Cory Lockwood

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Track Name: Only Socially
Don't ask me to come outside for a conversation if all you want is a cigarette.
They roll those with tobacco leaves and poison, not dialoque the last I checked.
That burning ember is a punctuation mark that interrupts your lips and burns down every word you speak to chars.
Let's go inside. I left my drink at the bar.
Oh, you insist, is it? This is important, is it? Well, I would never miss it.
Let's see what you have to say.
I'm sorry but that cigarette is still a comma in the middle of the sentence: "I have nothing to offer, I have nothing to offer."
Track Name: Rap Hyperbole
Read obituaries cause I fall asleep to Kerouac
Indian giver: shoot you once and get the arrow back
I tried my hand at sympathy but didn't really care for that
You're sweet as honey
What happens if a bear attacks?
An embolism in the middle of your veins
A symbol written on the surface of your brain
A little lightning without the rain
I'm pleasure's bastard and the stepson of pain
I walk with a cane cause I like to feign weakness but do so on water cause 'fuck it, why not?'
Talk with my mouth closed, I like to keep secrets, my internal compass is shot
Anything you can do, I can do better
I can do anything better than you
Any girl you could want, I will go get her
I can get any bitch wetter than you
When the factory built me, they typed out a manual, wrote it in tongues
When the government killed me and ruthlessly filled me with lead in my lungs, I self-reanimated
Walked down to the bar and picked up a waitress
Left her in the bed with love her in head but I never came back
I think she's still there waiting
I've had more names than you've had breaths, you've had one life but I've had deaths
You may break rules but I break planets
I crashed the party that God was planning
Track Name: Remember Muses?
Dry pen and once the ink comes out, I'll have lost it
I can't say anything if it's not caustic. The dictionary in my mind is exhausted.
Modern writer's block is staring at a cursor blink
I'm doubled over dripping speech bubbles into the sink
My tongue is tied
like games of tic-tac-toe
My thoughts are blizzards and I'll never make it through that snow
Bird-brained and insane, blurry-eyed and deranged
I can go on about myself for days but if it really matters, then the page stays blank
If it matters then the page stay blank
You catch that trick? Repeat the line and pretends it's refrain, now one more time for good measure, then give the song a name
If it matters then the page stays blank
Track Name: The Missing Word Is ____
One balloon lain carefully on quiet, crooked stairs ensnares attention from the tenant who had never placed it there. He dials numbers that he's made up in his head to pass the time, he dials 911 to confess all his uncommitted crimes. What's inside of the closet and under the bed, in the mirror, in the dark, is inside of your ____. He traces lines along his leg to place his finger in the wound. He digs in deep and whispers 'sorry' to the shadows in the room. They take apologies and gut them for parts. They take our bodies over and use all but the heart. What's inside of the closet and under the bed, in the mirror, in the dark, is inside of your ____
Track Name: Abrasive, Scary Language ft. p.WRECKS
The subway station is two blocks from here but what if I wander or get distracted or I lose it and climb through quiet through your windows and your blinds
What if my conscience is nothing but nonsense
What if nothing matters over mind
I walk the tightrope of my brain like I am crippled
Still close my eyes though and I act like this is simple
Oops, I think I set my safety net on fire. Oops, how imbalance strikes me on the wire.
Should I fall into the crowd or into the lion's pit? Either way, I cannot tame them, so what's the fucking difference?
There is no fucking difference, no matter what side of the fence, the grass is dead, rotted, browning and thin
The grass is only greener if you hope it is

Cunts, fucking spun out curmudgeons/
In their crumbling condomeniums Represent/
Where ever they say they're from/
Doubtful Metropolis Xeroxed Consciousnesses get squared out and boxed in/
A state of dis-repair that can't be solved with/
any number of medications still numb from/
Junk Science Riot/
noncompliant to the mis-information/
the scene's completely silent/
but cold turn violent in an instant/
Conflicting Interests ripping ribs out of their predecessors/
without learning from their mistakes no different than the last foolish rule maker/
We need more risk takers less labels/ Someone will turn the tables just you wait/
I wouldn't hold my breath with a clenched fist/
Considering the circumstances I would say that is being pretty optomistic/
Track Name: Everywhere is Noir
Fogged up windows/desperation
Gnashing teeth and consolation
Sex for the pity-ridden fuck sitting pretty on the leather playing tricks with her tongue like a kitten with a feather
We bled together like drops of rain that meet up and connect on a windshield and drip down
We danced with devils clumsy-footed to an irregular beat, erotic nausea invasive oiled wet-slick sounds
We lived like beasts in captivity
We ate like kings and queens at a feast
We devoured each other in wild passion to smother every last shred of our humanity
Detective! Detective! It's just what you suspected. The conspiracy runs deeper than anything we expected.
Black and white smoke. Speak easy, don't choke.
Track Name: No Spoons Full of Sugar Around ft Kurt Travis
Invertebrate recipient in need of a spine, I'll determine if it's even gonna buy you some time
There's no need to see my license, there's a need to recline and if you cry about the pain, I won't stop
Whoa! Did you try to call the cops?
Whoa! Do you wanna call the shots?
Stop all my surgery and interrupt the murder scene? You're thinking about hurting me but really, what the fuck have you got?
Counting sheep won't work: feel free to try. Surviving this won't work: feel free to die. This is what happens if I do not take my medicine.
I don't resist all of my thoughts though they are threatening. Instead I do my best to tidy up and let them in.
And when they've taken over, you might seek out some cover. Oh yeah, we once were lovers. But that was then. This is now.
Then then then then then, call it the past.
When did this begin, and will it last? I guess not since you obviously forgot that when you stab me in the back, I shrug it off and stab back.
You're talking shit, you ain't that cool. I might just have to rough you fool. And I just wanna love you, girl but my love is just too cruel.
So I tallied up your marks and for every broken heart, there's a bone I'm gonna break-I think your ribs are good to start.
You say you're gonna get revenge and that you're giving me a warning.
Take these two fucks that I don't give and call me in the morning.
I'll be waiting by the phone, no busy tone, I promise.
I've been thinking, about you, oh fuck, I think I'm gonna vomit.